In order to meet your personal goals, it takes dedication and mindset to fuel your body correctly. 

There are thousands of sources to obtain great dietary information on what to eat, what types of foods are important, and calculators to help you manage your calorie intake. 

What I summarize below is more of the strategy.  Follow the strategic fueling formula and fill with details as required. 

First, let’s discuss this notion of dedication and mindset.  You have to decide, if you have not already if you are in, or if you are out.  Do yourself a service and commit one way or the other.  In, and you have the will power to break habits.  Out, you are just going through the motions with no real achievement in sight.  The choice is yours. 

Please check out Charles Duhigg’s, “The Power of Habit”.  It is worth reading in that the book has good insight in regards to understanding personal habits.  

Change requires altering habit.  Altering habit takes willpowerWillpower takes energy and commitment.

  • Research to determine what foods are recommended for healthy living and working out. 
  • Eat clean, non-processed foods.  
  • Stay organic when possible.
  • Understand your calorie needs and track your calorie intake with an appropriate app (e.g. MyNetDiary)
  • Increase proteins as you go from first meal to last, think pyramid.
  • Decrease carbohydrates as you go from first meal to last, think upside down pyramid. 
  • Measure your food, if it says 6oz, stick to the plan.
  • Research suggests five to six meals per day.
  • Meal plan.  Planning your meals for the week is a great strategy.  (e.g. Cook meals on a Sunday and package the meals for the week)
  • Ditch the snack food.
  • Allow yourself one (1) cheater meal during the week.   Stick to your daily strategy, work hard to keep on track, use a single cheater meal to allow yourself some reprieve.  
  • You can achieve all this and not suffer by removing all goodies from your diet, think about moderation.  Take butter as example, no need to overdue it, moderation.