A gentleman prefers an appropriate gym.

  • Local is good.  Think convenience and accessibility.  You will want to fit the gym into your lifestyle, thus the location should be relatively close and within a radius and route of your home or workplace.
  • Tour and assess.  Visit the gym during peak hours either AM or PM, typically Monday or Tuesday.  This will give you a good sense of occupancy to equipment availability.  You’ll want to be comfortable based on your needs that there is the ability to perform your workout routine during peak times.
  • Equipped equipment.  Inventory and assess the equipment.  You are looking for a gym that is modern and well equipped meeting your workout needs.  Think about free weights, machines, cardio and room to perform aerobics.
  • It has to be clean.
  • Hours of availability.  Assure the gym’s hours match your personal preferences.
  • Does the cost align in value with the features and your needs.  Try to avoid getting locked into a long contract until you are comfortable – read thoroughly.   Always ask for a discount.
  • Do you need a personal trainer?  Does the gym have qualified personal trainers.  Be sure you hone in on the “qualified” and not those that cannot provide the right level of support.
  • Get online and do some research.  Look for reviews or other information to help support your decision.